Fish2water Ltd is all about helping you keep healthy fish. Our passion is creating natural looking aquariums that are easy to maintain.

Owned and operated by a self professed fish geek and a marine biologist. The team of fish2water ltd is fully capable of bringing your aquatic dreams to reality in a way that adds to your life in a positive way.

  • We supply and install custom aquariums that can include everything from the rockwork to the entire collection of fish.

  • We can redesign your aquarium to be more efficient, low maintenance and look amazing.

  • We offer free advice and action plans for when your aquariums are not doing well.

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Our goal is to make keeping fish easier. We want your fish to have the best environment possible to live in.  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a healthy, stable ecosystem with vibrant fish. If you want to set up a tank or just tweak your own to get better performance, then look no further.

Our natural aquarium design includes custom made filtration (to ensure the highest quality water conditions all the time), aquascaping (landscape in your tank) and fish selection. We strive to create a holistic ecosystem every time. Rather than borrowing features from nature we replicate it as much as possible. Nature is perfect it doesn't need fixing or improvements. 

By creating a holistic ecosystem your aquarium is more biologically stable which is the most important factor when it comes to keeping fish.

Through the combination of colorful fish, filtration and decoration we aim to have a minimal maintenance tank to allow you more time to enjoy the therapy of an aquarium.

Find out more about our custom aquarium setups that can include everything you want.

We are your fishkeeping partner