"Mindfullness is getting lost in the moment while gazing upon something beautiful.

These tranquil moments are where everything becomes clear & you find solutions to your problems."  


A stylish aquarium that replicates nature is an escape from the chaos of the modern world. It`s easy to lose track of the time while gazing at the wonders of nature. We can install and maintain a beautiful slice of nature in your workplace or home. Inspire your staff and bring calm to your customers with one of our exqusiste rental aquariums.

Our Aquariums are driven by AquaPonics. This means that you get a beautiful stylish aquarium that has healthy plants growing from it. The white flowers of the Peace Lilly will lift the mood of your office and the Money vine will bring prosperity and remove toxins from the air. It works like this- You feed the fish and the fish feed the plants. We are currently trialling with excellent results the growing of herbs and Mescalin mixes on our fish tanks.

Our goal is to create a healthy and holistic ecosystem every time. Showcase forward thinking in your office or home. Provide your staff with the tools to achieve Mindfullness and bring calm to your customers.

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Every one of our Aquariums are unique and can be tailored to fit with any design styles. Contact us to setup a no obligation consultation to see how we can bring tranquility into your chaos. The selection of fish , style of aquarium and design of the stand is put together with your input.

Our company ethos is to use sustainable methods as much as possible in all that we do. Our aquarium stands are brushed steel made from scrap materials. Brushed steel is able to be incorporated in almost any interior design style. Its sleek styling and smooth feel make its the number one choice for beautifying your environment. Feed back from our customers is that they love the juxtaposition between the raw steel and the environment it complements (Natural looking Aquarium).

Repurpose, Reuse and Replenish the environment.