We all have heard of the benefits of using LED lighting. Low electrical usage, low heat emissions and long life spans. It all made sense to us and we took the plunge. All of the tanks that we maintain are now powered by Sanrise LED lights.

What we didn't realise then is the real benefits of LED lighting. That is control, the ability of highlighting certain areas and colors. The ability to tailor lighting to replicate different times of the day. Using the IR or Wifi controls is simple as.

The difference between freshwater and marine units is slightly more blue and UV chips. That said we use the marine units on our freshwater tanks with great effect. Being able to adjust the channels to output the color and feel that appeals to you is what makes controllable LED units awesome.

Its important that you choose the correct light for the type of tank that you are planning to use it on. If you have a freshwater tank decide on whether you want to be growing plants or just showing off your fish. If its a marine tank decide on how much control you want and choose the appropriate model. The reality of life is that you get what you pay for. This is especially true when it comes to LED lighting.

We have loved the Sanrise brand since we got our first sample range. Stylish looks, the best components and great workmanship come together in an affordable range of lights.

We have laid out the range from the most cost effective models to the extremely cool and sophisticated AquaSunrise model.

AquaClassic range for showcasing the beauty of your fish and fitting the budget.

User Review

"I love it!  I really like the blue moonlight option. I put it on that at night and leave it going all the time. I presumed that was the reason for it?
I really like the clean light it throws. I have sunlight & tropical bulbs on my community tank and there is so much difference between that and the LED."

A happy LED user

If you have a freshwater fish tank with minimal plants. The AquaClassic is the most affordable unit in our range of freshwater lights. It will highlight all the beautiful colors of your fish. The reason that your fish look great under the AquaClassic is that it has chips in the colors white, red, green,blue and moonlight.

The AquaClassic comes in three sizes 60cm (20Watt), 90cm (32 Watt) and the 120cm (40 Watt). It has two modes, daylight and night mode. One of the options in the 90cm and120cm sizing comes with a dimmable timer control unit.

The body of the unit is aluminum which acts as a heat sink drawing heat away from the chips.

This light has an adjustable metal stand that allows it to be fitted to an aquarium that is larger than the light itself.

This video  shows the Aqua Classic in action, with the orange fish living in an aquarium that is 75cm deep. We feel this light is good for tanks with a maximum depth of 60cm.

We use this light in combination with the AquaLover when we are wanting to grow plants successfully. The benefit of this is that your fish look their best and you get excellent plant growth.

The AquaClassic is a well made tidy unit that will make your fish look great.

AquaNano for Marine and Freshwater

If you have Marine or freshwater aquarium less than 55cm in length and less that 45cm deep. The AquaNano is for you,This tidy little unit uses only 27watts of power and is cooled by two fans. The body is made of aluminium and comes in white and black trim. The unit comes with 60 degree lenses and has two channels of light namely white and blue/UV.

The AquaNano is connected to your aquarium with a movable goose arm giving you excellent control. The securing bracket handles glass up to 10mm. We use these units on all of our APA Nano freshwater tanks with great success.

The white channel (7000k) provides excellent light for growing plants and the blue (450nm) UV (420nm) channel is what our customers use in the evening. In fact it makes excellent mood lighting.  Feed back from our customers that have bought this for their Saltwater setups is excellent.

User review

"I Purchased the Sanrise AquaNano for my Aquaone Aquanano 40 Marine Aquarium (About 60 Litres). I was pleasantly surprised by how much light was produced by this unit for such a good price. It has 4 White Lights, 4 Blue, and 1 Purple, 27W in total, which gives it a Pleasing overall Blue colour that my Corals seem to enjoy. I have even put a couple of SPS Coral Frags in which are Showing some good growth and polyp extension.

A happy marine LED user review

AquaLover will make your plants go va va vavoom

If you have a freshwater planted tank and want to get great growth of your plants. Then the AquaLover is the option for you. I fell in love with this model the moment I unpacked it. It looks amazing even when it’s turned off. The acrylic stand and sleek design add an edge of sophistication to any aquarium.

Gone are the days when you needed a hood on your tank to make it look tidy. With our designs and stylish lighting nature can reach up from within the aquarium and explore the world above. The white light of the AquaLover (7000K) is perfect for growing plants in and above the aquarium.

This is the light we use most in our AquaPonic Aquarium range for growing leafy greens and aquarium plants. This model comes with a control device for setting on/off times and intensity. The 60cm model can be fitted onto tanks up to 75cm long and not deeper than 60cm for a single unit if you are growing plants that have high lighting requirements.

 AquaNano Power is an affordable unit with lots of grunt.

If you have a fresh or salt water aquarium that is very tall (75cm) with a small footprint ( Length x Width). Then the AquaNano Power is your lighting solution. The light output is a nice concentrated beam with a 90 degree focus.There are two models to choose from. The wifi model has 4 channels and the hand control model has 2 channels. These models are effective on aquariums up to 60cm long.

Both models come with an easy to use hanging kit that is highly adjustable allowing you to get the best possible light saturation. The black powder coating of the light body will ensure the lifespan of your light will outlast all of your fish.

Two fans will keep your light cool and the 165 watts of power will ensure all of your corals get everything they need to prosper.

AquaPro Series, a light for all occasions.

If you have a marine or freshwater aquarium that has a large footprint and up to 70cm deep. The AquaPro produces a lot of light and covers a large area. This is due to the spacing of the chips and the 90degree lenses. In terms of styling this is where the lighting units get really cool. These units add to overall effect of the aquarium rather than being a piece of gear.

Our range of AquaPro models come in freshwater and marine arrays. The aluminum bodies are very cool and edgy looking. The fans remove the heat and ensure the 50'000 hours of life is achieved.

There are 3 models to choose from with 30cm (54watts) putting out 2700LM. The 60cm (108 watts) produces 5400LM while the 90cm (144watt) 7200LM.

All units come with hanging and mounting kits with 90 degrees lenses.

Multiple units can be connected together for larger aquariums.

The Cree chips provide the highest quality light for least power usage.

Check out this video of the AquaPro in action. This is a freshwater chip array that is great for growing plants and highlighting the beauty of your fish.

User review of AquaPro 60cm Marine

"So I've had these lights for a good month now and I really do like them. They fit my tank nicely and look rather smart. I have the light periods set to ramp up to 95% over an hour period and then start to fade down to moonlights over an hour period, 5 1/2 hours later. At 95% they lights are bright, the fans are operating and the unit is not at all hot in any way, in fact barely warm. Because my tank is quite deep (from the lights to the bottom is 77cm) I may ramp them up to 100% but at the moment I'm still in the testing phase."

Marine user review

AquaSunrise is the future of lighting and you deserve it.

If you have salt or freshwater aquarium that has large footprint and is deep. Also if you like super cool tech then the sunrise lighting unit is the perfect fit for you. Whether you hang it from the ceiling with the easy to use hanging kit or decide to mount it with the provided kit the unit will look awesome in your home.

The 120 degree lenses, chips spacing and large amount of chips (48pcs) all add up to a very powerful unit that spreads the light perfectly. The Sunrise lenses can be interchanged with 90 degree options. The unit is uber sleek and measures only 3cm in thickness. Three channels provide all the requirements for coral growth and allows you to tailor the light to your preference.

The sunrise unit can be controlled manually or with an app. The free controller app allows to you to plug in 6 timing points and simulate natural lighting conditions without any hassle.

What impressed me heaps was the waterproof transformer box and heavy duty electrical cables that have waterproof connections. The quality of workmanship is beyond compare, coupled with excellent components and stylish design it all comes together in a very cool package.

You and your aquarium deserve it.


300 watt LED growlight for flowering plants.

These full spectrum LED grow lights have a hundred 3 watt LED chips. These units comes with a hanging kit and are kept cool with 3 fans. The grow lights are designed for flowering plants like strawberries, tomatoes and chillies.