All fish featured on this page are available on request from our hatchery in the Bay of Plenty (if not sold out prior). They can be pre selected and packaged up ready for you to collect or we can deliver them if local and convenient.

They can also be purchased online from this page. Simply add to your bag for the simplest, safest transaction. Choose the Island you call home and your fish will dispatched the following Monday or Wednesday.

Currently we suggest that you collect your live fish order from the local depot in your area. This saves them getting lost in the mountain of work that our courier drivers are dealing with currently. We guarantee that if they arrive within timelines specified, they will be a little pale  but healthy as possible. Even in instance where they are delivered 48hours late, they have arrived alive.

For the north island customers we can pack up to 12 fish in a box and overnight them to you.For the south island its 3 fish per box air freight. We can pack more but its costs more. $38 small box $70 medium box for 8 fish size dependent.

We suggest you contact your local Post Haste depot and warn them that you have live fish arriving the following morning. Use the consignment number that will be included in a confirmation email once your fish have been sent.

We find there are benefits to mixing fish from different zones. When you dive in the lake you will notice a collage of different types of fish all overlapping in 3 dimensional space. We mix all types of African cichlids with various combinations. We can help with tweaking your selection to get the best out come. An African cichlid aquarium is an intense dynamic social structure with a Game of Thrones power struggle occurring at all times. This means that they will constantly be vying for dominance based on resources, breeding ,water temp and instinct.

The more a fish looks like another, the more competitive they will be. That is why we combine fish of various body and color types. This means you can have an aquarium with large collection of fish but they wont all be of similar type and therefore the aggression is mitigated to a certain degree.